Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry | Jagger Advisory LLC
Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry
Suzan Jagger, Suzan M. Jagger, Suzan M Jagger
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How we work

Working from across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the frontiers, we challenge our clients to be the best.



Our advisory team is comprised of professionals with experience ranging from 20 to 35+ years.  These are seasoned industry veterans that have held senior management positions with the major oil and chemical companies, and work as a cohesive team to tackle the most challenging issues.  We do all the heavy lifting.  There are no juniors on our team.



Our advisors have earned a distinguished track record of providing solutions to complex problems by going “on the ground” and engaging the marketplace for each assignment, applying the best blend of resources to each project, and working collaboratively with clients to understand the boundaries, culture, and goals for growth, cost efficiency, and consistent profits.


Unique Tools

Our strong analytics are based on an extensive global data warehouse on industry performance, and combined with proprietary benchmarking processes to frame markets, competitors, and financial performance.  In an industry that lacks transparency and is full of change, we are always learning.  Our toolbox has consistently delivered value.

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Presented at ICIS LOR Conference

London | February 18, 2015

Speaker, Suzan M. Jagger

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We’re avid about bringing value and new thinking to the Global Lubricants business.  We strive to reveal the truth, and recommend what we believe is pragmatic and actionable.

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Annual Congress of the
European Lubricants Industry

Malta | October 21–23, 2015

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How we impact

Our clients know what we think and exactly how we got there.

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