Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry | How we impact
Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry
Suzan Jagger, Suzan M. Jagger, Suzan M Jagger
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How we impact

Our clients know what we think and exactly how we got there.


Maintaining the
financial edge globally

Global premium marketer

Over a five year period we developed and implemented a competitive and financial framework of year-on-year metrics to measure progress on the delivery of their strategy, and pinpoint the markets with strongest growth potential as well as new business models to get there.

Global marketing
and supply chain optimization

Integrated refiner and marketer

The client needed to drive better cost efficiency, consistency, and “speed to market’.  We were retained to benchmark their marketing organization and processes and assess how well their standard customer offer was delivered through the supply chain to various regions and lines of business.  This revealed the trade-offs of continuing as-is versus the benefits of moving to new models.  Through workshops with the senior leadership team, change has begun.


Restructuring to optimize growth

Consumer marketing company

We evaluated options for restructuring the footprint of their marketing and distribution operations across the volatile LatAm region.  Recommendations were implemented to move to new distributor models in selected markets, with re-alignment of supply chain operations and distribution assets.  We were also advisor on the asset divestments.

Identifying distribution
options worldwide

Global lubes marketer

Optimized distributor network capabilities in selected regions and country markets to stay the course of growth. Our advisors went on the ground in the USA, China, India, Vietnam, Germany, France, Russia, Africa, Brazil, and Mexico to identify new distributor candidates and their capabilities.  We found new options that best fit the client’s criteria and were aligned with their strategy, and facilitated the change.


Consolidate Russia supply chain

Integrated oil and gas company

A leading company was being limited by the inefficiency of delivering lubes through a network of aged legacy supply & distribution assets.  We assembled a team of our advisors plus supply chain experts and went in-country to evaluate alternative investment options.  We carried the project through to the feasibility and financing stage.

Global marine strategy refresh

Worldwide leader

In the face of a recessional driven contraction and technology disruption, this global leader needed to intervene to re-set performance expectations and review the relevance of the strategy.  We provided an external view of how key performance metrics will evolve, as well as identify competitive issues and growth opportunities.


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