Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry | Services
Strategic advisory for the Global Lubricants industry
Suzan Jagger, Suzan M. Jagger, Suzan M Jagger
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We’re avid about bringing value and new thinking to the Global Lubricants business.

We strive to reveal the truth,
and recommend what we
believe is pragmatic and actionable.

  • Strategy and transformation

  • Jagger-Advisory-Transform

    • Develop goals that leverage your strengths
    • Change the business model
      to adapt to market realities
    • Deliver on the strategy and
      intervene to stay the course
  • Benchmarking and intelligence

  • Jagger-Advisory-Competition

    • Competitive strategies,
      organizations and processes
    • Supply chain optimization
    • Financial
      performance management
  • Commercial

  • Jagger-Advisory-Relations

    • Distributor network-building
      and optimization
    • Development of standard customer offers
    • Mapping the market
      value curve
  • Frontier market strategies

  • Jagger-Advisory-Marketing

    • Finding business model options
      to mitigate risks
    • Extracting value on the BRIC roller coaster
    • Building distribution to the
      next growth markets
  • Technology and innovation

  • Jagger-Advisory-Innovation

    • Integrating technology with marketing
    • Realizing benefits from
      technology investments
    • Applying new collaborative models
      for innovation
  • Transaction

  • Jagger-Advisory-Transactions

    • Re-structure regions or functions,
      allocating resources for growth
    • Finding acquisitions to fully
      leverage brands and technology
    • Asset divestments to consolidate portfolios

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